Serums vs cream: What's your winter skin solution?

With winter here again, many of us will be facing skincare problems with the change of season. With the arrival of the colder months comes the dilemma of dry, flaky skin where our first instinct is to turn up the heating and reach for a bottle of water and moisturiser

However, this often comes to no avail and so, to truly winter-proof your skin, get clever with skin products by matching problem areas to the type of cream or serum you use.

As weather conditions change, so too, should your skincare routine. Skin regenerates on a monthly cycle. It sheds the dead, flattened cells that lie on its surface to make room for new, living cells to rise and so it's condition and resistance to beauty products will change over this time.

If you find yourself suffering from dry skin, choose an oil-based moisturiser rather than water-based product, as the oil will create a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion. For the best result look for natural oils that won't clog up your pores, like avocado, primrose or almond oil.

Alternatively, serums such as Super Aqua serum and Hosanna intense hydrating serum offer up hydration to the skin in a lightweight solution that allows skin to breath more than a cream moisturiser. This makes them perfect for your pores when moving from cold to hot areas throughout the day.

Unlike daily moisturisers, serums are the most concentrated form of skincare product and are designed to act as an intensive treatment for optimum performance no matter what the weather is like.

This works because these little miracle bottles of beauty elixir are made up of a smaller molecular structure that enables them to penetrate at least three layers of skin. They can even treat more specific skin conditions including brightening skin, boosting collagen production and minimising the appearance of ageing.

Ultimately the decision to use either serum or moisturiser is based on your daily routine and your skin type, depending on how dehydrated you feel within your body. But it is fine to combine the two.

As with all skincare products, the order in which you use products is simple – you should start with the thinnest lotion and end with the heaviest cream. As such, you can occasionally indulge weary skin with a serum before bed to directly target lifeless skin cells. Allow 2-3 minutes for the serum to be properly absorbed into the skin before applying a night cream over it such as the Clinique turnaround overnight radiance moisturizer to lock in moisture and to help boost the mixture's active effects.

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