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The perfect perfume gift guide for Valentine's

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The scents we wear are a form of self-expression  that say just as much about our personalities as the clothes we wear. And finding the perfect match can be like trying to find the perfect partner.

Food may be the way to a man's heart, but for women it's all about a beautiful bottle of fragrance to remind them that they are loved.



In the Victorian era, flowers were used to send secret coded messages between lovers, with each type of flower representing a different emotion or how they felt about another person.It can convey a person's most personal desires and their mood. So finding the perfect perfume as a present speaks thousands about how well you truly know them.Floral and fruity notes are ideal for a woman in touch with her girly side, whilst a fresh spritz of zesty smells suit those who are energetic and vibrant in their lifestyles to match.Or if your Valentines would prefer to spend the day outdoors the Woody scents like sandlewood and oak will suit her personality. For the passionate, Oriental and musky perfumes will bring suggestive tones to the bedroom. To keep it simple, HELLO! Online have selected the best perfumes to entice the one you love without saying a word. Just click on our gallery to view the fully fragranced Valentine's gift guide.

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