How to prolong your tan

As you head home from a holiday hot-spot, your gorgeous glow threatens to fade fast.

But the return to cool weather doesn’t have to compromise your complexion. HELLO! Online has compiled six top tips on how to keep your tan topped up using a combination of home remedies and products







Moisturising is key after your skin has been exposed to stronger UV rays. UV rays damage the skin and make it dry, so moisturising is essential to repair the skin. It is recommended to moisturise at least twice a day to keep skin healthy and preserve a tan.

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Exfoliate before exposing your skin to the sun. The more hydrated your skin is, the less likely it is to flake and peel which will cause your tan to fade. Once you have some colour, it is important to then avoid harsh exfoliators as you are essentially scrubbing your tan away.

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Be Gentle To Your Skin

A tan can be scrubbed away almost as if it is dirt, so swap your shower gel to a shower cream or oil to protect your tan as these are kinder to your skin and moisture enriching as well as cleansing. Additionally, change your rough sponge or loofah for a smooth shower cloth for a gentle touch in the bath or shower.

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Avoid Hair Removal

Waxing and shaving are not recommended if you wish to keep your tan. Waxing pulls away the skin and believe it or not shaving does too, albeit slowly. Beauticians recommend epilating if you would like to preserve your tan as this pulls your hair from its roots.

Hydrate your skin in other ways

Before, during and after you tan it is important to keep your skin hydrated. This can be done naturally by drinking plenty of water and eating water-based fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, melon, strawberries, grapefruit, and lettuce. Tomatoes and carrots are rich in carotenoid nutrients which help to preserve a tan by helping the body store the pigmented nutrients just under the skin's upper surface.

Experiment with folk remedies

Try some traditional folk remedies to help preserve your tan. Adding a tablespoon of herbal tea to a bath and soaking in it for 20-30 minutes is an old folk remedy to hydrate your skin. Spreading aloe vera on your skin and letting it dry over night, then wiping your skin with a soft, moist towel in the morning will leave you feeling intensely moisturised. If you’re feeling experimental, adding a layer of pure olive oil to your skin after moisturising and then taking a 30-45 minute bath can lock in moisture and leave your skin extra hydrated and glowing.

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