Skinade review: HELLO! Online tries the beauty product favoured by Millie Mackintosh and Donna Air

With celebrities fans including fashionista Millie Mackintosh, Xtra Factor presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford and actress Donna Air, Skinade is fast becoming a sought-after beauty product.

The scientifically developed collagen-based drink helps to improve skin from within, rather than only working on the surface's appearance.

For 30 days, HELLO! Online writer Melissa Evans trialled the alternative beauty product to see the benefits of treating skin from the inside out.

Why did you decide to trial Skinade?

My complexion isn't particularly great so I hoped that Skinade would help it to appear clearer, softer and smoother. I don't have many wrinkles (yet!) but it never hurts to have firmer and fuller looking skin, so that was also appealing and having a healthier glow about me this summer would also be an added bonus!

What did you have to do during the trial?

All I had to do was drink a bottle of Skinade every day for 30 days.

It is recommended that you drink it with breakfast, which I did as it was an easy to way incorporate it into my morning routine and made taking it regular so I was less likely to forget!

My 30 day Skinade delivery!

How did you find drinking Skinade?

Initally the strong smell of the drink put me off, but don't be discouraged, It tastes better than it smells! While the smell isn't unpleasant (I found it a bit like a fruity perfume) I was worried that it was a bit strong.

The best way to get round this was to dilute it with water. I also found that it tasted much better when straight from the fridge or even with ice.

Occasionally it felt like there was a lot of the drink to get through, especially when you're having it every single day, but it's much easier to drink when mixed with water.

What were the pros of the Skinade trial?

I definitely noticed that my skin looked and felt better, it was softer and was more hydrated.

It's also a very easy and simple way to improving your complexion without aggravating the surface of the skin with products.

I'd also say that my skin was firmer and so while I wasn't necessarily looking for a reduction in any wrinkles, it would help to smooth out lines.

What were the cons of the Skinade?

The taste and sometimes the volume of the drink can feel like a bit much at times, but if you can find ways around that, such as keeping it very cold, or trying to drink it in one go that would help!

Would you use Skinade again?

Yes I would. It would be interesting to try it when I notice more lines and wrinkles, but it's never too early to work on preventing them. I probably couldn't always drink it every day but it's great to have softer, clearer skin.

A glass of Skinade at my desk in the HELLO! Online office

My overall rating...

Skinade is an easy way to improve your skin without having to apply lots of products. It fits into your daily routine and isn't time consuming or laborious.

I noticed an improvement in my skin which was a great boost during the summer and I felt I had a healthy glow, softer skin and a clearer complexion which is amazing!

Be wary that it might take time to adapt to the taste and volume of the drink, but the results make up for the slightly off-putting smell!
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