5 Winter style lessons we can learn from Princess Kate

"Winter dressing is all about having the right accessories"

With the chill of winter frost in the air it’s natural that staying warm has taken precedence over personal style, but for those of us wondering if it is possible to stay fashionable in these cold winter months, the answer is yes. And we have the ultimate example.

The British royals are no strangers to braving the elements in order to fulfil their stately duties and commitments, and The Princess of Wales in particular has mastered inclement weather dressing, making her the perfect candidate for our winter style inspiration.

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Princess Kate is giving us a masterclass on what to wear this winter, and you can easily recreate her style yourself. Megan Watkins, Head Stylist at SilkFred reveals how:

The Statement Coat

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton is a fan of a bold statement coat. From bold reds, to long-line woollens to the classic trench, there’s no outerwear that Kate hasn’t championed. "Kate loves her outerwear, but if you look closely, there’s a trend among her choices - tailoring," explains Megan, "The Princess of Wales is a huge fan of structure and a sleek silhouette. Opting for a structured coat with padded shoulders that is long-line and oversized provides warmth whilst giving you shape is a key look of the Princess’."

Prince George of Wales Princess Kate attend the 'Together at Christmas' Carol Service

The Winter Hat

Royals and hats go hand in hand, but as we know a classic fascinator is not going to keep anyone warm this winter. Megan explains, “Winter dressing is all about having the right accessories and hats are no exception. Take a page from Kate Middleton’s fashion bible and go for a wide-brimmed faux-fur head warmer and if you’re really chic, you can match your gloves.” Working with designer Phillip Treacy on her recent appearance at Sandringham, Kate’s hat choices have become legendary and it’s clear she doesn't let up during the winter months.

Kate during her visit to Oslo, Norway in 2018

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The Scarf

Styling a scarf is not easy - especially as it’s usually a last minute throw-on as we leave the house in the morning, "Scarves can often make an outfit look unkempt or mis-matched, something to be whipped off the moment we get inside, however, the Princess of Wales shows us that scarves can be stylish," says Megan, "Notably, Kate always matches her scarf to her outerwear. For example, she paired a red wool coat with classic tartan to create colour toning within her outfit. If you have a black coat opt for a scarf with black accents to create a polished regal look."

Kate visits Cardiff Castle on December 8, 2020

The Gloves

Yes, Kate Middleton may be famous for her iconic coats and legendary hats, but an often overlooked accessory that is always on point is her gloves, showing is this an accessory we need to pay attention to. "Again, Kate’s approach to gloves is mirrored in many of her other fashion choices - coordination," explains Megan, "If Kate is wearing black, red, green or blue, it is likely that her gloves will follow suit. Add a touch of glam with a fur-trimmed pair."

Kate attends the Christmas Day service at St Mary Magdalene Church on December 25, 2022

The Winter Handbag

Ever noticed that Kate’s bags have something in common? "Queen Elizabeth II was rarely seen without a handbag and Kate’s recent penchant for single-handled bags can be seen as a nod toward the late monarch’s fashion sensibilities," reveals Megan, "Taking cues from her latest winter looks, we’ve been loving leather croc handbags which are just the right size for a chapstick and an extra pair of tights."

Kate poses with Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark outside Christian IX's Palace on February 23, 2022

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