This bath wine glass holder is the solution we didn't realise we needed

How did this not already exist?!

Anna Johnstone

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice long bath, but sometimes, for that Instagram-worthy shot, we risk setting fire to our shower curtain on candles, knocking our red wine all over our bath mat, and dropping the latest HELLO! magazine in the tub. Well, we have the solution to one of the dilemmas: Urban Outfitters has just released an in-shower wine glass holder. And now we are wondering how we ever managed without it.


The clever gadget safely grips your glass

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The ‘Sipski’ is a nifty holder with a silicone back to stick to your bathroom wall, so you don’t have to worry about splashing your Lush bath-bomb-filled water splashing into your Pinot. You simply hook your glass between the two plastic cups and sink back into some ‘me time’ - so have both hands free to flick through our latest magazine. The only reservation we have is that your crisp glass of white could turn a little lukewarm in your steamy bathroom, so it may only be worthwhile if you prefer a Merlot. But perhaps we’re reading too much into this. Or maybe we’ll invent a bathtime ice bucket (would anyone donate to our crowdfunding page?) so that we can take in a whole bottle. Now that would warrant an extra ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the bathroom door.


And there's also a beer option - why not get one of each?

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If you’re not a huge wine drinker, Urban Outfitters also has a ‘Sudski’, which is a is holder designed for a can of a beer (or lemonade). Each genius gadget costs $15, and although they are currently only available on the US site, they do offer international shipping. And we are sure you know someone who would love one in their Christmas stocking. *Hints*. Of course, you’ll definitely need to test it out before you start gifting them as presents - so why not buy yourself one first? It’s definitely a good excuse to get five minutes peace, especially now the kids are back at school...

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