Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas reveals all about her home life

Find out how she likes to unwind when she’s not at work

Chloe Best

It has been a life-changing year for Shirley Ballas, who sold her home in Los Angeles to permanently relocate back to London. The Strictly Come Dancing judge previously opened up about her home life in an interview with HELLO!, saying there was nothing she loves more than entertaining, and receiving visits from her son Mark Ballas and his wife BC Jean. While they’re no longer living just around the corner like they were in Los Angeles, we’re sure the Dancing with the Stars pro will come over to visit her in the UK when he can!

What's your favourite room in your house?

"My favourite room in my house is my bedroom; my private space where I can go to do my reading or listen to music."

Shirley Ballas previously lived in this home is Los Angeles

What's the first thing you do in the morning?

"The first thing I do in the morning is pick up my cell phone and call my mother to check that she's ok, and the first thing I do in the evening is call my mother to see how she's doing, and my son to see how his day went."

GALLERY: See inside Shirley Ballas' former Los Angeles home

What's your ideal night in?

"My ideal night in after being busy working all week is to lie on the sofa and put a nice movie on with my friend Terrie, and just enjoy a beautiful movie."

The Strictly judge has relocated to the UK

What do you do in your house when no one's watching?

"What I like to do when nobody's watching at home is, when I have my shower in the morning, I listen to music - my favourite group is Alexander Jean – they wrote a beautiful rumba called Paper Planes. So I do my little rumba moves while I'm washing my hair. Do my little rolls, exercise a little bit."

What's your favourite event to host?

"When I host a dinner party at home I'm quite a perfectionist. I like the knives and forks to be in a straight line. I like the spoons and everything to be in the right line. I like the table to be beautiful with flowers and a nice tablecloth. I'm the hostess with the mostess."

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When are you happiest at home?

"I'm the happiest at home when I get a visit from my daughter-in-law, BC Jean, and Mark Ballas, my son. They'll pop round for breakfast or I'll attempt to cook them a meal. That's the most special time for me."

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