Inside Bridget Jones' apartment 19 years later

Renée Zellweger would live very differently now...

Bridie Wilkins

Bridget Jones is deeply embedded in female psyches. She totally normalised the struggle to navigate love and relationships (read: sobbing into a tub of ice cream and drunk dancing) and, 19 years on, 'Bridge' is officially a firm part of today's cultural furniture. But while her persona lives on in exactly the same manner as when the first film was released, there is one thing that has changed: her apartment. The iconic home has been reimagined to reflect how it would look in modern day, and we love it.

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Bridget Jones' apartment in 2001


Bridget Jones' apartment in 2020

Carpetright took on the transformation task, but kept all of the key components. The large, open window behind Bridge's sofa is still there, except this time there's a new set of blinds. Bridge's original deep red sofa had a subtle pattern with a curved back and arm rests. 

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Now, the sofa is the same colour, but without a pattern and with square arms and a square back. Bridge's cosy traditional fireplace is still there too, except it's a cream version with metallic gold inside. On top of the fireplace, where Bridge previously had photo frames, there are now two modern mirrors and a silver metallic plant pot. Of course, Bridge's bookcase remains, too.


Bridget was rarely seen without a cigarette and an ashtray

And Bridget wouldn't be Bridget without her ashtray and a glass of wine, both of which are kept to hand on the floor next to the sofa. As for general décor, the room is much lighter with cream walls and wooden floors and a light grey rug, as opposed to the brown walls and baroque style rug Bridge had back in the day.

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All we need now is for Bridge herself to occupy the space with the release of a fourth film which, apparently, could be in the works. Speaking to the Daily Record, Renee Zellweger, who plays the hapless heroine, says: "I really hope there is another movie. I do. I love her. She's so much fun." And Helen Fielding's third book instalment, Mad About the Boy, is yet to have been made into a movie. Fingers crossed. 

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