Your daily horoscope Friday June 24, 2022

24 Jun 2022, 00:01 By HELLO!
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  • Horoscope aries

    Aries21/03 - 20/04

    It's not always easy to tell a good idea from a bad one. Not least because poorly thought through ideas which eventually came good, tend to be reclassified as being brilliant ideas from the off. And we've all seen examples of people over enthusiastically picking up bad ideas and running with them, with disastrous consequences. Yet, history's also packed full of good ideas that were dismissed as 'unworkable'. This weekend brings a brilliant idea. How will you identify it? Trust your feelings. You'll know.

  • Horoscope taurus

    Taurus21/04 - 21/05

    Apparently, we might have been misinterpreting the story of King Canute. We tend to think of an arrogant king, trying to demonstrate his power over nature - and failing. Yet some historians think it more likely that he was a wise ruler, who was attempting to show that, in the face of powerful forces, we have no choice but to accept and adapt. With your ruler, Venus, empowered by dynamic Mars today, it's time to recognise your own power. If you wield it with respect, you can create a tide of positive change in your world.

  • Horoscope gemini

    Gemini22/05 - 22/06

    Are things going to keep ticking along in the same way? Will the same kind of obstacles keep popping up, filling your days with problems to fix? No! No matter how much it might feel as if life resembles a giant game of snakes and ladders, and that as soon as you make progress, you slip back down the board, there are more ladders than snakes. Today, as your ruler, Mercury, links with the planet of surprises, you can roll the dice to get you to land on the right square. If this is a game, you're perfectly positioned to come out winning.

  • Horoscope cancer

    Cancer23/06 - 23/07

    Sharing the pleasures of life is a guaranteed way to increase them. If you order a delicious dessert, and generously offer your dining companions a taste, everyone enjoys it and the level of happiness is raised. When we hear a funny story, sharing it makes other people laugh. And if you've happened upon the tastiest chocolate in the box... well, some things are worth keeping to ourselves! No one's perfect! You're about to discover something delightful in your world. Rather than clinging on to it, share it. Your delight will grow.

  • Horoscope leo

    Leo24/07 - 23/08

    What were you doing until someone (or something) sidetracked you and stopped you following your plan? You've been on a diversion. It has demanded so much of your attention that you've almost forgotten your former intention. As a road appears - and the source of your distraction takes up less time and energy, you have a decision to make. Is it too late? Has the situation changed so much that your plans have altered? No. It matters. An opportunity's arising that can take you, in a leap, to a desired destination.

  • Horoscope virgo

    Virgo24/08 - 23/09

    I was fortunate enough to find myself wandering along a seashore recently. The tide was out, and several fishing boats were on the beach, waiting for the water to come back in. They look cumbersome out of their medium. A bit like seals sunbathing on rocks; they look clumsy until they're in their element. When the tide rolls back in, they're back, bobbing around, ready for the next adventure. Today's link between your ruler, Mercury, and quirky Uranus, suggests that a wave of change is coming into your world. Are you ready?

  • Horoscope libra

    Libra24/09 - 23/10

    We don't need to answer every dig, confront every bully, or tackle every challenge. There just isn't the time. Instead, we must choose our battles. A leader whose hackles are raised every time their authority's called into question, isn't going to get far. True authority grows from confidence in ourselves, in our abilities, and in other people. As your ruler, Venus, links to powerful Mars, you can channel your energy. True strength is knowing when it's appropriate to exercise your power. And when it's better to let things go.

  • Horoscope scorpio

    Scorpio24/10 - 22/11

    You're in the kind of mood that makes me wary of what I write. You're feeling a strange sense of power and sensitivity, and I don't want to say something that might offend you. So, since you already know everything you need to know about what's going on in your world, I might just leave the rest of this forecast blank. What's that? You wouldn't be wasting your time reading this if you didn't want to know something? In that case, just remember that, although you're pulling off something amazing, you're not always in the right!

  • Horoscope sagittarius

    Sagittarius23/11 - 21/12

    In a dream-come-true world, you'd like me to tell you that your current plan's going to be successful. You'd appreciate some assurance in regard to an issue that involves taking a leap forwards. Should I give you what you want and tell you that it's going to be much easier than you think? That wouldn't be honest. I can't, hand on heart, guarantee that. But I can confidently tell you that you're going to greatly benefit from this experience. And you've got the skills you need to be able to deal with any challenges. Be realistic today.

  • Horoscope capricorn

    Capricorn22/12 - 20/01

    We know we can't always get what we want... but not knowing what we want in the first place is a different ballgame. How can we not know what we want? Is it due to a lack of ambition? An absence of drive? In these times, when we're all meant to be climbing the ladder to success, we feel under so much pressure to 'achieve' that it's tempting to hitch our wagon to whichever trend is passing. But suppose it doesn't make us happy? You're undergoing a process of evolution. Allow things to settle before making a decision.

  • Horoscope aquarius

    Aquarius21/01 - 19/02

    Some people are so superstitious that they cross to the other side of the street if they see a black cat. Who knows what they do when they accidentally break a mirror? Who, though, do they imagine to be watching and noting these things, and deciding on the appropriate punishment? Are the celestial entities observing the positions of the neighbourhood cats? When they see an infraction, do they contact an invisible hench-angel, to fix it so that something 'bad' takes place? Don't let a ridiculous fear spoil your day!

  • Horoscope pisces

    Pisces20/02 - 20/03

    Are you ready to rewrite the rules? After all, you wrote them in the first place. If you want to move a boundary, or redefine a limit, no one has the power to stop you. Unless, of course, the rule you want to break has been imposed upon you. In which case, you'll need to consider the consequences of your actions. But, if you reconsider the regulations you've imposed on yourself today, you'll be able to find a way to deal with a challenge. Be courageous. Be creative. If you think outside of the box, a mountain will become a molehill.

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