Your daily horoscope Monday April 12, 2021

12 Apr 2021, 00:01 By HELLO!
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  • Horoscope aries

    Aries21/03 - 20/04

    It's not always easy to know how hard to push, when to hold back, and when to say 'enough is enough'. We spend all day, every day, calculating our options. And, every so often, we misjudge a situation. Although this represents just a moment's lapse of focus in an otherwise flawless record of perception, we remember our mistake, and imagine that's what others remember too. The New Moon, in your sign, reminds you that other people have short memories. There's no need to be harsh on yourself today.

  • Horoscope taurus

    Taurus21/04 - 21/05

    How can everything possibly work out well for every single person on the planet? Surely there have to be winners and losers? Don't optimists push the limits of belief with their faith in the bright side? They, of course, are convinced that the idea that existence is based on a need to suffer and learn is the 'wrong' way to approach life. As a contrast of ideas causes you to think deeply about your innermost convictions, the cosmic climate encourages you to heed your inner voice of hope. It just so happens to be right.

  • Horoscope gemini

    Gemini22/05 - 22/06

    Painters, novelists, conceptual artists, composers - each of these own and celebrate their innate creativity. They aren't embarrassed by it. They don't try to downplay it, or smother it. Instead, they fan the flames. In astrology, we call these people 'Venusian'. We all, of course, possess such qualities; and, as Venus passes through your sign, it encourages you to make the most of yours. If you add today's Sun/Pluto link to the celestial palette, you can tap into your natural potential and create a bright vision of your future today.

  • Horoscope cancer

    Cancer23/06 - 23/07

    Sometimes, we find ourselves in a luxurious position where we can hedge our bets. If we invest energy into one idea, and it doesn't work out, we can hold on to the hope that our effort, in another direction, will be constructive. Heartening though such thoughts might be, you need to focus your attention on rising to a specific challenge today. Success will require your resourcefulness. Yet, even then, there's no guarantee of success. The transformative Sun/Pluto link enables you to work out where best to invest your time.

  • Horoscope leo

    Leo24/07 - 23/08

    Some people seem to have a talent for irritating others. They seem to always take things the wrong way, talk out of place, or understand perfectly, yet decide (for no apparent reason) to ramp up the tension anyway. Yet, the more sensitive we are to their annoying behaviour patterns, the more we lose sight of our own needs and desires. If you can find a way to shrug off someone's irritating attitude today, you'll have achieved the most important thing. Peace. A moment of calm will enable you to make the progress you desire.

  • Horoscope virgo

    Virgo24/08 - 23/09

    You're not like other people. You think and act differently. You may have many traits in common with the rest of the human race, but these similarities are superficial. Deep down, in a breathtaking way, you're like a computer, running a custom-built program. Yours is the only version of a precise operating system. Except that you're not a machine. You have a heart. As the Sun links to mysterious Pluto today, it's the depth and integrity of your emotional intelligence that sets you apart. You can achieve more than you think today.

  • Horoscope libra

    Libra24/09 - 23/10

    Every acorn holds the capacity to grow into a mighty oak. Every difference of opinion has the potential to grow into a conflict. Every momentary kindness can inspire enduring appreciation. Every fleeting fear can develop into a life-long phobia. Though it's always sad when a plan doesn't make it to fruition, there are many boats that we can feel relieved to have missed. If you're wondering, today, why something you'd expected to unfold has not yet done so, you will soon receive an invaluable insight that offers a new way forward.

  • Horoscope scorpio

    Scorpio24/10 - 22/11

    We rarely wake up wondering what we need to be worrying about. We might cast around looking for new things to do; for exciting ideas, or inspiring opportunities, but we seldom look for new reasons to feel concerned. In the unlikely event that we find ourselves running short of these, our fears sense the vacuum, and jostle with one another for top position in our list of anxieties. As your ruler is empowered by the Sun, sing happy songs to yourself today! Before long, you'll be unable to remember how any other tune goes.

  • Horoscope sagittarius

    Sagittarius23/11 - 21/12

    'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me'. Most of us were taught this children's rhyme. Yet, if we're honest, it didn't ring true then... and it certainly doesn't now. Words, we know, can be extremely painful - and, as such, they should be wielded with great care. On the flip side, they can be inspirational too. And a word given generously can incite an equally generous response. Allow your natural big-heartedness to enable you to react with sensitivity today and you'll reap the benefits.

  • Horoscope capricorn

    Capricorn22/12 - 20/01

    Sometimes, it's the moment we think a situation's impossible that we see a way to make it work. Just when we begin to feel a sense of helplessness, we start to have faith in our plan. Is this because we like to clutch at straws? Actually, it's because when we think we have all the answers, we don't ask the right questions. Recently, a series of events has forced you to reconsider your ideas. As the Sun and Pluto link today, you'll understand why you're on the right path. In fact, you've already come further along it than you think.

  • Horoscope aquarius

    Aquarius21/01 - 19/02

    Why bother reinventing the wheel? If you've already solved one problem, why try to solve it again? Possibly, because the present design has created other glitches. Or, it might do the job, but it's cumbersome and unwieldly. No solution is perfect; however much there might be to commend a plan, there's always a drawback and an improvement that can be made. Fortunately, finding the energy and inspiration to make a small tweak is often enough to ensure things run smoothly again. This is true for you today.

  • Horoscope pisces

    Pisces20/02 - 20/03

    The more deeply we're implicated in any kind of relationship, whether with a person or a situation, the more exposed we become. This tends to make us feel uncomfortable. Yet, rather than improve things, when we try to manoeuvre ourselves into a stronger position, we do so at the expense of mutual understanding. There are times when it's better to be tender than tough. Today, as the Sun links with Pluto, you can deepen an important bond. There is, of course, a risk attached. But it's one that's well worth taking.

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