Your daily horoscope Thursday April 8, 2021

8 Apr 2021, 00:01 By HELLO!
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  • Horoscope aries

    Aries21/03 - 20/04

    What does the astrological forecast look like for you? Does it offer a moment of respite from the storm you've been experiencing, or a chance to find long-lasting shelter? In the situation you find yourself in, you'd be happy to accept either option! The good news, is something productive and positive has already begun to occur. You've reached the end of an unsettling drama. And, as we move towards the New Moon, which is in your sign, you're about to see tangible proof that things are altering in your favour.

  • Horoscope taurus

    Taurus21/04 - 21/05

    Sherlock Holmes' brilliance was based on an eye for detail. He'd notice sand on a trouser leg, a tiny bruise on a hand, or the suggestion of ink on a sleeve, and, from these minutiae, he'd extrapolate an entire narrative - correctly, I might add! There's a reason these stories stand the test of time, but would Conan Doyle have been even more convincing if he'd created a more fallible hero? You have the information to come to the right conclusion. But, if you misconstrue the facts, you could end up on the wrong path.

  • Horoscope gemini

    Gemini22/05 - 22/06

    Most of us find waiting for news stressful. 'Not knowing' makes us feel anxious. Yet other folk prefer to linger in the uncertainty; it gives them the freedom to be hopeful rather than have to deal with information that might be difficult. With that in mind, I'm reluctant to predict the resolution of a tricky, open-ended situation in your world. After all, you might prefer to stay in a betwixt-and-between state. Yet, the cosmic message, as Venus changes signs, is clear. Not only can you find the answer you seek, but it will be favorable.

  • Horoscope cancer

    Cancer23/06 - 23/07

    'Stop banging your head against a brick wall'. That's what we tell our friends when we're trying to help. Often, it isn't bad advice. But what happens if you find yourself backed up against a hard surface... if every other avenue is closed, and you know, absolutely categorically, that your goal lies on the other side? Should you stand there hoping that the wall will fall down on its own? Or is it time to pick up a pickaxe? It's worth giving something one final chance before you give up for good today.

  • Horoscope leo

    Leo24/07 - 23/08

    There are a mind-boggling number of ways to make coffee these days. Do you prefer a quick, instant cup, or do you go to the other extreme, grind your beans and use a complicated system? What temperature of water do you use to maximise the flavour? Does the entire debate lose significance when you're tired and thirsty and just need a jolt of caffeine? There's little as rewarding as a craving that's being satisfied. Be wary of getting too caught up in a theoretical discussion over irrelevant details today.

  • Horoscope virgo

    Virgo24/08 - 23/09

    'If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail'. At least, that's what they say. Nevertheless, there's such a thing as over-preparation. Think too hard and you might just find that you've talked yourself out of a fantastic idea. 'Why would I do that?' you might well ask. Well, what if you didn't realise what a stroke of genius it was? What if you couldn't tell that the rewards would outweigh the risks? Before you decide to make a break from a cherished idea or argument today, just give yourself a little longer to change your mind.

  • Horoscope libra

    Libra24/09 - 23/10

    There are days when we're functioning at our best, and others when we can't quite seem to find our form. In a perfect world, the cosmos would be able to take these fluctuations into account. It would only present us with challenges when we were in the mood to rise to them. And when it knew that we were feeling a bit low, it would be gentle with us. Sometimes, it can actually be that considerate. Today, as Venus, the planet of love, changes signs, it will do that. A time of welcome respite is on its way.

  • Horoscope scorpio

    Scorpio24/10 - 22/11

    It's hard to know how much to trust the voice inside our heads. We hear its murmurs, and its subtle whispers. There's certainly no misconstruing it. The problem, is that it isn't just one voice. No, the voices are multiple, various, and, more often than not, they contradict one another. So, it's less a case of deciding whether to trust our inner voice than it is of deciding which inner voice to trust! If there's one thought that simply won't leave your head today, perhaps that's because it's worth listening to.

  • Horoscope sagittarius

    Sagittarius23/11 - 21/12

    The law of averages suggests that, if you pursue enough eccentric ideas and crazy schemes over a ridiculous number of years, you'll find one that works out well. That's what less adventurous people tend to think. You, however, don't have time (or care) for such a philosophy. Your natural Sagittarian optimism and innovativeness has shown you that when you're courageous enough to reach for the stars, life rewards you. You're about to see that despite a bout of self-doubt, you've made the right choice.

  • Horoscope capricorn

    Capricorn22/12 - 20/01

    You don't give yourself enough praise. You rarely pay yourself a heartfelt compliment. You don't allow yourself much self-indulgence. Or cut yourself enough slack. You deserve better. But how are you going to get that, unless you make room for it? Why settle for second-best? Why not allow yourself to enjoy what you're entitled to? It's time to think big. You're not sitting in front of a TV, watching the movie of your life. You're the main character; you create the narrative, and produce the film. Make it good today!

  • Horoscope aquarius

    Aquarius21/01 - 19/02

    No one's memory is perfect. We can't be expected to factor in every detail, or to consider every avenue, and anticipate all potential setbacks. Nor are we able to spot and correct every accidental oversight. But you're far from alone in this. It's a basic part of being human. Sure, from time to time, someone comes along believing in their own invincibility and, for a time, sheer willpower seems to sustain them. But not for long. Don't berate yourself for something that was never within your power to control today.

  • Horoscope pisces

    Pisces20/02 - 20/03

    They tell us that 'laughter's the best medicine'. That when we smile, (no matter how briefly) about an issue that's making us frown, it stimulates an inner process that enables us to see the problem from a different perspective. It no longer maintains such a hold over us. For that moment, we're bigger than it. If you feel as if you're up against something that's no laughing matter, try looking at it from a different angle. If you can see even a part of it as vaguely amusing, you'll know what to do to make it better.

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