Your daily horoscope Tuesday June 30, 2020

30 Jun 2020, 00:01 By HELLO!
  • Horoscope aries

    Aries21/03 - 20/04

    Driving along with the windows up, we're in our own little bubble. Locked in our world, we're alert to, but separated from, what's happening around us. It's a totally different story once the windows are rolled down. We can hear the road beneath our wheels and feel the zip of the wind. Suddenly, what felt like a slow 40mph feels fast. In a matter of moments, our perspective has dramatically altered. Watch out for a shift that brings you closer to a situation that has felt frustratingly distant.

  • Horoscope taurus

    Taurus21/04 - 21/05

    If you don't start something, how are you going to know it's possible to finish it? Although it might be wise to investigate and appraise a situation or topic before leaping in, it's worth being reminded of the fact that fortune favours the brave. When we make a decision to dive into the swimming pool of life, we have no choice but to figure out a way of getting to the side. Having said that, under the current cosmic climate, it's worth talking to someone close to you who has valuable experience to share.

  • Horoscope gemini

    Gemini22/05 - 22/06

    Hidden somewhere on planet Earth there must be a mythological 'problem volcano'. It's bubbling, just beneath the surface of our planet, producing an endless stream of issues to worry about. It's probably not to far away from the 'worry woods' and the 'mountains of myopia'. None of us have to go far to find these challenging places, they lie within each and every one of us. Following your retrograde ruler's link to Mars, it's time to explore familiar territory that will reassure you today.

  • Horoscope cancer

    Cancer23/06 - 23/07

    Knowledgeable fishermen understand which bait to use and where to find the best spot along the riverbank; but even they know they're not guaranteed success - especially if they've got a particular catch in mind. They accept what the river provides. Some days it's fickle, other times generous. Try not to cling too tightly to ideas of what 'should', or 'shouldn't' be happening today. Opportunities that present themselves naturally will be worth far more than those that are artificially contrived.

  • Horoscope leo

    Leo24/07 - 23/08

    There's a great deal on your plate and you're sensitive to the fact that your decisions are affecting your nearest and dearest. There's one particular person who you specifically want to help, yet you know that the action you want to take will be viewed negatively by someone else, whose opinion you value. In normal circumstances, you wouldn't hesitate to do what you feel like doing. Yet you're unsure that you've judged the situation as well as you normally would. You're about to feel more certain.

  • Horoscope virgo

    Virgo24/08 - 23/09

    Protocol clearly tells us that we aren't supposed to talk ill of the dead. With rare exceptions, we forget people's irritating habits and the difficult sides of their personalities, and only recall their most endearing qualities. Yet why do we wait for such an extreme to occur before we're able to focus on the positive and overlook people's negative habits? The legacy of your retrograde ruler's link to Mars offers you the perspective to understand why someone's behaviour rubs you up the wrong way.

  • Horoscope libra

    Libra24/09 - 23/10

    In these uncertain times, it's hardly surprising that you're feeling unsure. You made yourself a promise at the start of the year and, as time passes, it feels more and more unlikely to come to fruition. Although you've made a little progress recently, you're starting to question whether, even if things began to work according to plan, you'd feel happier. It's hard to brim with confidence when things seem to be so out of your control. You're able to rise above your fears and make progress today.

  • Horoscope scorpio

    Scorpio24/10 - 22/11

    When we take a moment to reflect on our lives, we tend to either cringe at our past behaviour, or glow with pride over our achievements. And we all have regrets. While some of us are good at putting them behind us, others become overwhelmed by their past mistakes. Something from your past, which has long been a source of embarrassment, is about to be revealed in a new light. It seems that one of your 'regrets' is simply a success that's yet to be completed. You can right a wrong today.

  • Horoscope sagittarius

    Sagittarius23/11 - 21/12

    Although finding it hard to make a decision is an uncomfortable feeling, sometimes the discomfort is worthwhile; the decision would be the wrong thing to reach. Society has little patience with indecision. We're all under pressure to know what we want, and set out to reach it. As your current situation transforms, you're in the process of reaching new understanding about what you want to do and how you might achieve it. Give yourself the time to digest new information today.

  • Horoscope capricorn

    Capricorn22/12 - 20/01

    What size is a balloon? Ah, well that's something of a trick question. An inflated balloon is easily twenty or thirty times the size of an uninflated one. So, which do I mean? And how can you be expected to make a reasoned guess without that information? Someone in your world is presenting you with a false comparison. Don't let yourself be pressured into making a decision based on incomplete information today. Take your time to assess the situation. Make sure you're sure before making a move.

  • Horoscope aquarius

    Aquarius21/01 - 19/02

    Should you trust the devil you know or the devil you don't know? It's a tricky question. When you're attempting to discern between two different situations your intellect and experience play a vital role in making a decision. But when one of them is an unknown entity, you have no information from which to begin your assessment. Following Mercury and Mars' link, it's worth considering the devil you know. There's a good chance that you know it well enough to be able to deal with its devilish side.

  • Horoscope pisces

    Pisces20/02 - 20/03

    It's always nice to feel understood and appreciated. It feels even better to be respected and admired for something we're proud of in ourselves. In contrast, it can feel a little disconcerting to be praised for a quality which, personally, we're a little embarrassed about. Though you may feel that recent praise is misguided or misdirected, there's a high chance that it is genuine. Take a closer look at a trait you regard as a failing. If others see it as a source of strength, perhaps you should.

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