Your daily horoscope Tuesday September 21, 2021

21 Sep 2021, 00:01 By HELLO!
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  • Horoscope aries

    Aries21/03 - 20/04

    The letter K. Green. The number nine. I'm afraid you're going to have to take part in an experiment before having your prediction today. I'm going to think of a letter. Now, you tell me what it is. Gosh, that's extraordinary! This time, let's try a colour. Wow! Finally, a number. Do you have any idea how few people get all three right? Have you thought of joining the Psychic Society? Look, it's easy to get ahead of ourselves when we're excited about something. But, empowered by the Full Moon, you really do know more than you think you do today.

  • Horoscope taurus

    Taurus21/04 - 21/05

    Where were you before you arrived here on planet Earth? Where will you be when you're not here any more? Since just like the rest of us, you're a simple human being, you're unable to answer those questions with certainty. No one knows. So, since we all live in an uncertain world, it's not surprising that you're doubting a recent decision. As your ruler, Venus, links to Neptune, a cosmic window of awareness opens in your world. It brings the confidence to trust your inner sense of what's right (and what's not). Just follow your instincts.

  • Horoscope gemini

    Gemini22/05 - 22/06

    Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. Superman came from a distant planet. Storm inherited her genes from an ancient priestess. So, how did you get your special powers? Don't look so surprised! They're more obvious than you think! Let's start with your ability to sense hidden agendas and misleading information. You see through facades so fast it's like you have X-ray vision. As Venus links with Neptune, your abilities are at an all-time high. Which is great news for people who need assistance. You can save the day!

  • Horoscope cancer

    Cancer23/06 - 23/07

    We tend to worry about doing things in the 'right' order. But how can we know, with certainty, what the right order is? While some orders are logical (no one's going to try reading this forecast backwards), others are not. And even the most fastidiously orderly and organised people don't always agree what the right order is. And that can lead to even more worry. As Venus links with Neptune, it brings a flash of insight that blows your old methodology out of the window. It's not about doing it 'right', it's about doing what's best for you.

  • Horoscope leo

    Leo24/07 - 23/08

    I was talking to someone about their birth chart the other day, when they turned the tables and asked me about mine. I'm so used to discussing other people's horoscopes that I was taken aback. It's much easier to be clear-minded when I'm one step removed. But isn't this true for all of us? When we're close to something, whether it's work or relationships, it sometimes takes an outsider to see the issues at the heart of the matter. Your intuition's finely tuned today; just make sure your ability to empathise doesn't cloud your advice.

  • Horoscope virgo

    Virgo24/08 - 23/09

    If human beings managed to be kind to one another, would our world be a better place and would we all lead happier lives? Of course, the answer is yes! But, in reality (as we know), it's easier said than done. Even when we set out with the best of intentions, we have to deal with things that make us feel frustrated, outraged, despondent and downhearted. That seems to be the nature of life. But, rather than give up, shouldn't we resolve to try even harder? Your kindness and care can have a significant impact on someone's world today.

  • Horoscope libra

    Libra24/09 - 23/10

    What's due to happen to you once you've finished reading your prediction? Actually, before you prove me wrong (by not continuing to read to the bottom of your forecast) I just want to point out that you don't have to do what other people expect you to do! As your ruler connects with imaginative Neptune, you can rewrite the rules. Nothing's set in stone, unless you believe it is. I notice you're still reading. Excellent! As long as you remember that you're under no obligations today, you'll be able to reach a satisfying conclusion.

  • Horoscope scorpio

    Scorpio24/10 - 22/11

    Since we all want to be thought of as intelligent, we do our best to project an air of confident maturity. Yet deep within, we're emotional creatures with animal instincts. Our logic struggles to compete with our primeval impulses. As you try to find an explanation for a recent event, it's important to remember that the situation has as much to do with chemistry as it does with reason. As Venus and Neptune link, feelings are running high. Trust the strongest emotions, and start looking towards the future (rather than at the past). It's glowing with potential.

  • Horoscope sagittarius

    Sagittarius23/11 - 21/12

    It's not easy to know what needs to change and what needs to be left alone. It's particularly difficult when we're encountering a new situation. All we can do is look back at what has (and hasn't) worked in the past, and use that information to gauge a way to respond. We don't want to find ourselves repeating the same mistakes. Or tackling something the same old way while expecting it to work out differently. In order to initiate a change today, you just need to make sure that your desire matches your method. Then, success will be yours.

  • Horoscope capricorn

    Capricorn22/12 - 20/01

    A series of serendipitous moments is inviting you to take the easy option; but you're not convinced you're making the right choice. Although you see the potential benefits, you have reservations. You're a hard-working Capricorn; for you 'easy' doesn't always mean satisfying. You understand the dangers of being blown by the direction of the wind - who knows where you'll end up? Yet today, as Venus and Neptune link, you can afford to go with the flow. You've done enough to ensure success. Relax, and you'll enjoy what life brings today.

  • Horoscope aquarius

    Aquarius21/01 - 19/02

    In days gone by, we used to say that 'the longest journey starts with a single step'. Nowadays it's more likely to start with a Google search! Thanks to the internet, we seldom go anywhere without having a good idea of what to expect when we reach our destination. But that doesn't mean that everything can be anticipated. The smell of the sea. The feel of the sand. The deliciousness of the food. Don't be put off from doing something just because you think you've already got the measure of it. There's an adventure ahead.

  • Horoscope pisces

    Pisces20/02 - 20/03

    Telling a Piscean not to be idealistic is like telling a cat to stop purring. Other zodiac signs might respond to a call to be more realistic, but in your case, the more you're asked, the less likely you are to give people the response they're looking for! Today, despite what other folk might think, a level-headed, pragmatic approach is not going to be much help. Fortunately, as Venus links with your ruler, Neptune, your intuition's at its most effective. You can use this cosmic gift to transform a disappointing situation into an inspiring one.

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