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Dolph and his wife Anette, who is five months pregnant, pose with daughter Ida in Marbella
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Five-year-old Ida is the image of her father and the centre of her parents' world


When five-year-old Ida Lundgren comes home from school, her father Dolph sweeps her up in his arms to give her a hug. He places her on the banister and catches her gently as she slides down to meet him. Itís a little ritual that father and daughter share as mother Anette watches from the top step of their home in Spain.

This tenderness may seem at odds with the action-man image of the 41-year-old Hollywood actor. The former karate champion has been playing he-men ever since his debut opposite Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV.

Dolph manages, however, to combine his work with an ordinary family lifestyle which he cherishes. The Lundgrens divide their time between a Victorian house in London and a luxurious villa in the hills above Marbella.

Dolph's wife Anette is five months pregnant with the coupleís second child. ďThe bond between father and daughter is very special, so I donít mind having another girl,Ē says Dolph. ďA boy would be nice as we donít have one, but it makes me nervous because I donít know if Iím up to it.Ē

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