In the eighteen years since its launch, HELLO! has established itself as a publishing phenomenon.

A commitment to ongoing investment in the editorial product has resulted in a more targeted HELLO! circulation figure this period.HELLO! has shown an increase of 3.3% year on year. The current circulation figure stands at 403,666 per week, which is an average of 1.7 million copies each month.

Source: ABC Jul-Dec 2005


HELLO! reaches 2.1 million adults in the UK every week. Read predominantly by women (85%), it is the only mass-circulation womenís weekly which offers an upmarket profile.

SOCIAL GROUP HELLO! National Average
A 6% 4%
B 23% 22%
C1 32% 29%
C2 21% 21%
D 14% 16%
E 4% 8%
AB 29% 26%
ABC1 61% 55%
Source: NRS Jul-Dec 2005

AGE HELLO! National Average
Under 25 18% 16%
25-34 22% 16%
35-44 27% 19%
45-54 12% 16%
55-64 10% 14%
65+ 11% 20%
Source: NRS Jul-Dec 2005

As a weekly, HELLO! can build penetration levels quickly. In the space of one month, HELLO! 's coverage more than doubles, reinforcing brand identification and coverage within your campaign.


HELLO! is loved by its readers, with a staggering 2,136,000 adult readers each week. This accounts for 23% of the celebrity market.


HELLO! has the highest female A and AB reader profile in the market place making it the best bred celebrity weekly in the UK. Another notable shift in readership is that HELLO! has incresaed its coverage amongst 35-44 year olds by 30% period on period.

Source: NRS Jul - Dec 2005

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