Jennifer and Ojani divorced in 1998, but he later went to work for her as manager of Madre's restaurant
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23 DECEMBER 2004

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Jennifer Lopez had an international hit with the single Love Don't Cost A Thing, but it seems her relationship with Miami waiter Ojani Noa may prove rather costly after all.

The Bronx-born beauty's first husband has filed suit against her claiming breach of contract. Ojani, who walked down the aisle with Jen in 1997, says he was unfairly dismissed as manager of her restaurant in Pasadena, California.

The pair's marriage only lasted a year, but they apparently stayed on good terms, because he was offered the position as manager of Madre's in April 2002. The occasional male model, who was paid $1,000 a week, says his ex-wife promised not to fire him "without good cause", but he was dismissed after just six months nonetheless. The reason why he fell out of favour with J Lo remains unknown.

More recently the 30-year-old has become outspoken in his criticisms of the Shall We Dance star, giving candid interviews about their time together and alleging she cheated on him with P Diddy.

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