28 JANUARY 2005

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Ringo Starr will be facing a new onscreen challenge as he gears up for the role of superhero in a new animated series. The former Beatles drummer is set to voice a cartoon crime fighter in a new series by comic book legend Stan Lee.

"I'm so excited to become a 'reluctant superhero'," said the 64-year-old music icon. "Adding music to this adventure is something I am also looking forward to."

The project will be based on a superhero who has a great sense of rhythm as well as special secret powers, and whose role is to save Earth from evildoers.

Ringo is no stranger to the world of animation. In the past he has faced off against such formidable foes as The Blue Meanies, in the Beatles' psychedelic cartoon The Yellow Submarine, and he also narrated Eighties children's favourite Thomas The Tank Engine.

Stan Lee is a legend in the animated world having created such timeless heroes as Spider-Man, The X-Men and The Hulk, all of whom have found success both as comic books and on the big screen.

The new series will be released on DVD in early 2006.

In the new cartoon, the former Beatle will be a superhero with special powers and a great sense of rhythm
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