23 AUGUST 2005

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Singer Lisa Moorish gave us a rare glimpse of her unusual family when she took son Estile and daughter Molly along to a kids' event in Piccadilly Circus. Unusual because both her children were fathered by rockers with 'bad boy' reputations - Molly's dad is Liam Gallagher, and Estile's is Pete Doherty.

Lisa, herself lead singer for the band Kill City, met both Oasis' Liam and Babyshambles' Pete before they made a name for themselves. She had a two-year involvement with Liam which continued after he married actress Patsy Kensit, but she says there are no hard feelings among them and that Liam is " a great dad, a natural".

As for Pete, now dating model Kate Moss, 33-year-old Lisa praised him in a recent interview as "a lovely guy, sensitive and gentle", but she has told him he can't see his son until he has sorted out his addiction problems. "He does have a relationship with his son when he's able to," she explains. "But there are problems with the drugs - I don't want them around my kids."

Liam, who has three children by three different women, is said to be angry that Pete is not pulling his weight when it comes to contributing to Lisa's household, and that he seems to care more about Kate Moss's baby daughter Lila than his own son.

Lisa Moorish, Liam Gallagher, Pete Doherty

Lisa, 33, with Liam's daughter seven-year-old Molly and Pete's two-year-old son Estile
Photo: Alphapress.com
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