The Seventies heart-throb - who has five sons - became a granddaddy after his second son Jeremy and wife Melissa welcomed baby Dylan on August 21
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31 AUGUST 2005

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His name may come as a blast from the past for many, but it's still hard to believe that fresh-faced Seventies star Donny Osmond has become a grandfather.

The Utah-based singer's son Jeremy and his wife Melissa welcomed the newest addition to the legendary music family on August 21. Baby Dylan, whose Welsh name reflects the Osmonds' connection with the principality, weighed in at 7lbs 9oz.

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Twenty-four-year-old Jeremy is the second of the Crazy Horses singer's five sons.

When news that the couple were expecting was first announced, former heart-throb Donny, who continues to tour extensively in both the US and Britain, said he was revelling in the thought of being "one of the youngest grandpas around". "I can hardly wait," he said at the time.

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