The document - written in the late tenor's own hand nine months before he died - left the bulk of his £250 million fortune to his three adult daughters from his first marriage. While the testament is not legally binding, the sisters hope to use it to contest the later wills
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New handwritten will discovered favouring Pavarotti's first family

4 OCTOBER 2007

There was a new development in the dispute over late opera legend Luciano Pavarotti's estate this week after a third will came to light. The note - written in the tenor's own hand - leaves the bulk of his £250 million fortune to his three adult daughters from his first marriage.

Signed in December, the testament is not his final will and therefore not legally binding, but the singer's eldest children Lorenza, Cristina and Giuliana, say it represents his true feelings. They intend to use it to contest the later testaments, released shortly after he died aged 71 last month.

The first of these documents, dictated to lawyers last summer, leaves 50 per cent of the tenor's estate to second wife Nicoletta Mantovani - the mother of his youngest daughter, four-year-old Alice. The remainder, meanwhile, would be split equally between all four children.

Covered by the second, typewritten testament are the singer's £12 million US assets - which he leaves solely to Nicoletta. These include New York apartments, paintings and bank accounts.

Pavarotti's adult daughters claim the relationship between their father and his 37-year-old second wife was in trouble towards the end, and that he intended to leave them a greater share of his estate.

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