Birmingham-born Adnan Ghalib apparently became close to the troubled singer while photographing her recently
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After leaving hospital, where she had been admitted for evaluation following a custody incident over her sons, Britney reportedly holed up with Adnan at a rented mansion
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Britney being comforted by British snapper after 'evaluation' stay

7 JANUARY 2008
In her time of need troubled pop singer Britney Spears has turned to a Brummie photographer who's been documenting her story in recent months.

She has apparently struck up a close relationship with Birmingham-born Adnan Ghalib, and he's been at her side since the weekend when she left an LA hospital after being taken in for evaluation by police. "He's my only friend in the world," Britney, who is reportedly also accompanied by three other photographers, is quoted as saying in The Sun.

The singer was admitted to Cedars-Sinai clinic on Thursday after officers were called to her home over an incident in her ongoing custody dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Pals of her new friend - who is understood to be staying with her in a rented Hollywood mansion - described the photographer as a "typical Brummie". "He was a real charmer and had a drive to get on in the world," said one, who knew him from the city's Small Heath suburb where he grew up.

Before taking off in 1996 to pursue his career in the States the 35-year-old snapper lived with his newsagent parents, who are said to be devout Muslims, and two sisters. Adnan - who is reportedly separated from his wife, about whom little is known - has previously described Britney as "awesome".