The Aussie singer was clearly amused by a cheeky hip hop busker's attempts to include her in his bump and grind routine
Photo: Rex
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The impromptu dance took place after Kylie dropped ten euros into the street artist's collection cap as he performed outside the French capital's Gare Du Nord train station
Photo: Rex

Fun-loving Kylie gets jiggy in Paris with street dancer

31 JANUARY 2008
It's not every day you get the chance to boogie with an international pop icon who also happens to be one of the world's most desirable women. So when one cheeky street performer spotted Kylie Minogue walking by in Paris this week, he just couldn't pass up on the opportunity to get the singer involved in his act.

Showing her sense of fun, Kylie - who was on her way to board a train to London after a reunion with ex-love Olivier Martinez - took it all in her stride, laughing as the hip hop dancer enthusiastically threw his arms around her to include her in his bump and grind routine.

While it is unclear whether the singer's return to Paris to see former beau Olivier signals a rekindling of their relationship, Kylie's sunny demeanour seemed to suggest the reunion gave her something to smile about.