On stage with brothers Brooklyn and Romeo and the other Spice kids, Cruz began bopping to the music as the ladies performed their hit Mama
Photo: Rex
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Then, with all eyes on him and to wild cheers from the 15,000-strong audience, Victoria's youngest son spun around on his head
Photo: Rex

"We've been upstaged. He's the next Justin Timberlake," mum Victoria joked after her youngest's body-popping routine
Photo: Rex

Posh's break-dancing son steals the show at Spice Girls gig

20 FEBRUARY 2008
His mum Victoria Beckham knows a thing or two about entertaining the crowds, as does her son Cruz is seems. The youngest member of the Beckham clan thrilled fans at a Spice Girls concert in New York when he launched into a spontaneous break dance routine.

The youngster, who turned three on Wednesday, showed off his funky moves when the group invited their children on stage to help sing their hit Mama. Half way through the song Cruz started body-popping to the music.

As his brothers Brooklyn, eight, and five year-old Romeo exchanged amused glances, his movements became more and more energetic until he performed a series of front rolls across the stage, finally spinning round on his head to wild cheers from the 15,000-strong audience.

"The girls had to stop singing because they were laughing so hard," said one onlooker. "They couldn't get him off the stage once the song was over. It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen."

Impressed mum Victoria told fans: "We've been upstaged. He's the next Justin Timberlake."