"I am Paul McCartney, and I am a vegetarian," proclaims the Beatles legend in the ad
Photo: PETA
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Music legend Paul champions animal rights in new campaign

13 MARCH 2008
Gazing defiantly at the camera and pointing at a pro-vegetarian slogan on his chest, Paul McCartney lends his support to an anti-meat-eating campaign for animal rights charity PETA.

The 65-year-old singer, who explains in an accompanying quotation how he turned vegetarian after watching the struggles of a fish he was trying to catch, joins other celebrities in a series of ads on the charity's website.

Paul has worked with PETA for over 20 years. His estranged wife, Heather Mills - also an ardent animal rights campaigner and vegetarian helped support the charity before their marriage broke down, too. A spokesperson for the organisation has confirmed that there are no plans to work with the former model again, though.

"People may raise eyebrows at the timing of this new campaign," says a source close to Paul. "But he won't let (others')... perceptions get in the way of his charity work."