The singer joined The Passion Of Christ director Mel Gibson and a group of his friends for a two-hour dinner at an LA restaurant on Saturday
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Mel, once Britney's neighbour in an exclusive Malibu community, will no doubt be a positive influence on the pop princess
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Britney shares dinner rendezvous with spiritually-minded Mel

18 MARCH 2008
As Britney Spears continues to put her troubles behind her and look to a more rosy future, the singer has apparently found a friend that can have nothing but a positive effect on her life.

The 25-year-old joined one of Hollywood's most spiritually-minded men, Mel Gibson, and a group of his pals for a two-hour dinner at a Russian restaurant in Studio City, LA. "We heard they hit it off and that Britney seemed excited," says a source at the eaterie.

Things are certainly looking up for Britney recently, after she was commended for her professionalism after appearing on US comedy show How I Met Your Mother, as well as winning praise for leading children's dance classes at her favourite dance studio.

And more evidence that the mum-of-two has ditched her partying ways was evident as she stuck to water and soft drinks during the evening, leaving the restaurant looking happy at 8:15pm.