As part of a sketch on The Friday Night Project good-humoured Mariah makes fun of her reputation for being high-maintenance
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In another scene, the star is serenaded by a choir and fanned with palm leaves
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The glamorous New Yorker was a guest of comedy duo Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr
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Diva Mariah sends up her image in TV comedy sketch

4 APRIL 2008
Touch My Body singer Mariah Carey has always stressed her reputation for making extravagant demands and lavish lifestyle are just a bit of fun.

And this week the good-humoured chanteuse, who's currently in London promoting her latest album E=MC2, proved that's the case when she filmed an appearance for Channel 4's The Friday Night Project.

In this week's episode of the hit comedy show Mariah - who's been known to fly her beloved pooch Jack around the world on private jets and apparently cancelled her UK breakfast show interviews because she's "not a morning person" - sends herself up as part of a comedy sketch.

Sitting on a gold throne the star, who has just scored her 18th US number one, shows she doesn't take her reputation too seriously.

"I just put it all on, it's just fun and games!" she insists. "People take it so seriously and they expect me to be a certain way."

Adds the mischievous singer: "If people don't get my sense of humour by now they never will. I truly am just a normal person, I just want to have fun and make music."