For her most inventive look to date, the Australian singer has been inspired by the traditional image of Japanese geisha
Photo: Darenote Ltd
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Chameleon Kylie turns to land of the rising sun for latest image change

30 APRIL 2008
It takes a moment or two to recognise the petit features concealed under the formal makeup of a Japanese geisha. Only the sparkling blue eyes and daringly low-necked pink kimono-style gown give the game away, that this is one of the pop world's most inventive stars.

Always on the hunt for ways to keep her image fresh, Kylie Minogue, who's also recently dressed as a drag queen and dominatrix, donned an elaborate shimada wig and pink costume to promote her world tour, which kicks off in Paris on May 6.

Reportedly costing ₤10 million to stage, the 'Kylie X2008' tour her biggest ever will be seen in Eastern bloc countries such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and Latvia, where she's never performed before.

Jean Paul Gaultier is providing the costumes and 14 backing dancers will gyrate with her on stage during the extravaganza.