The words to the classic song are expected to raise 200,000 when they are auctioned in London on July 10
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"One day they'll be worth something," John Lennon told Canadian schoolgirl Gail Renard as he handed her the lyrics to Give Peace A Chance during a trip to Montreal in 1969
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Hand-written John Lennon lyrics to go under the hammer

8 MAY 2008
"One day they'll be worth something," said Beatles legend John Lennon as he handed the handwritten lyrics for Give Peace A Chance to teenage fan Gail Renard during a 1969 trip to Canada. Now it seems his prediction is set to come true. Experts have revealed the lyrics, along with some of the late star's personal photos, could fetch up to 200,000 when they're auctioned in London on July 10.

Now a BAFTA-winning TV writer, Gail was just 16 when she struck up a friendship with newlyweds John and Yoko Ono.

"We were at school and we suddenly heard John Lennon was coming," remembers the former Montreal pupil, recounting the day almost four decades ago when she and a pal paid a visit to the hotel where the former Beatle and his new wife were staging one of their bed-in peace protests. "We knocked on the door and Yoko answered" she reveals. "I remember Yoko saying, 'Come in' - and finding myself in a room with John Lennon. It was overwhelming."

Gail ended up staying with the pair for a week - during which time John gave her the scribbled lyrics as a gift. The piece of paper is currently on display at Christie's in New York ahead of the auction in London this summer.