The troubled star seems to be slowly turning her life around. One project that's been well received are her cameo appearances on How I Met Your Mother, the second of which was shown stateside on Wednesday
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In this week's episode she returns as flakey secretary Abby, who dates a guy played by American actor Neil Patrick Harris - even though she's really into his friend

Britney's bedroom scenes go down a treat with US TV fans

15 MAY 2008
Reprising her role as a ditzy receptionist with a love dilemma, Britney Spears has once again proved a hit with American TV viewers. Scenes of the troubled pop starlet in bed with actor Neil Patrick Harris on US sitcom How I Met Your Mother were shown stateside on Wednesday.

In the episode, Britney's character Abby tries to make the guy she likes jealous by dating his friend, played by Neil. While her onscreen stratagem backfires, Britney's brief cameo appearance had a more positive effect.

Her first turn on the show in March pulled in its highest ever viewing figures and earned praise for the beleaguered entertainer. This week's performance was so successful TV bosses have left the door open for her to come back next season. Said creator Craig Thomas before the episode aired: "She was better than the first time and I think fans will enjoy it".