When asked if he had asked for the hand of his actress girlfriend Jessica Biel, the singer first sidestepped the question before saying: "No, I'm not engaged" he also jokingly added: "I'm not pregnant."
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Justin laughs off Jessica engagement suggestion on US TV

12 JUNE 2008
After tales emerged at the start of the month about Justin Timberlake quizzing girlfriend Jessica Biel's pals on what the actress would like in the way of an engagement ring, film fans were convinced an announcement would follow. If the couple do plan on tying the knot, though, Justin certainly had no intention of sharing that fact with American TV viewers this week.

The 27-year-old singer, who's been dating the American actress for a year and a half, had a humorous retort ready when the interviewer pressed the issue, with the question "So you're not engaged? Nobody's pregnant?".

"No, I'm not engaged, I'm not pregnant," quipped Justin.