Tanned and on top form vocally, Amy Winehouse went down a storm at the festival. The troubled singer is being treated in hospital for emphysema, but left briefly to perform at Friday's Nelson Mandela concert and then at Glastonbury
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Amy's on way back to her best say friends after electric Glasto show

30 JUNE 2008
In a performance that was hailed by supporters as a sign of "good things to come", Amy Winehouse wowed a crowd of 80,000 at Glastonbury. The Grammy-winning chanteuse was only at the weekend festival for a matter of hours, but she made quite an impression.

Wearing a sequinned mini-dress and with cocktail umbrellas adorning her famous hairdo, the singer belted out hits including Rehab, Tears Dry On Their Own and Back To Black. Amy - who later went back to the hospital where she's being treated for emphysema - also thanked fans "for your support".

Afterwards the beehived diva laughed off reports of an incident in which she appeared to scuffle with an over-enthusiastic fan.

The stormy singer declared she'd had a "lovely time" and "celebrated backstage with (White Stripes singer) Jack White and watched Jay-Z".