The co-stars teamed up for their second high-profile gig - a charity concert in a baseball stadium - with James' fund-raising outfit Band From TV
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Across the pond Tim was entertaining concert-goers with renditions of sea shanties and buccaneer ballads at a concert celebrating an album inspired by Pirates Of The Caribbean
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'Housewives' Teri and James wow California while Tim plays London

29 JULY 2008
After impressing US viewers with her singing voice during American Idol earlier this year, Teri Hatcher has once again stepped behind the mic. The Desperate Housewives star teamed up with her co-star James Denton for the second time to perform with his group, Band From TV.

The outfit took to the stage in California for a charity gig following a baseball match. James, who plays plumber Mike Delfino in the hit show, formed the group with the idea of combining his love of rock'n'roll with his desire to raise money for good causes. Other famous members include House's Jesse Spencer and Greg Grunberg - aka telepathic Matt Parkman from Heroes.

The small-screen troupe aren't the only ones who have been showcasing their musical talents recently. Across the pond in London Oscar winner Tim Robbins picked up his guitar to perform a batch of sea shanties at a special show celebrating an album inspired by Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Tim, whose father was the singer in a Sixties folk band, was helping bring alive new disc Rogue's Gallery. The work, which was the brainchild of actor Johnny Depp and Pirates director Gore Verbinski, features artists from Lou Reed to Bryan Ferry covering a selection of songs traditionally sung by seamen.