The Drive My Car singer has hit the road with new love Nancy on a trip down America's legendary Route 66
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The New York-based millionairess is thought to have masterminded the trip as a chance for the couple to spend quality time alone together
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Macca's romance revs up a gear with Route 66 road trip

6 AUGUST 2008
Although he's worth millions and owns luxury homes in Scotland, Beverly Hills and New York, when it comes to holidays it seems Paul McCartney has simple tastes. He and his new love Nancy Shevell have taken a 1989 Ford Bronco are on a secret road trip along the States' most famous highway - Route 66, which spans from Chicago to Santa Monica.

The pair, who will pass through Oklahoma, Amarillo and Albuquerque on the road, are spending quality time alone together for the first time since the musician introduced his new girlfriend to his inner circle at a gig in Quebec a fortnight ago.

Paul and millionaress businesswoman Nancy set off from the former Beatle's luxury pad in The Hamptons last Thursday. By Saturday they'd already travelled 1,000 miles and were in Springfield, Illinois, where they encountered excited fans at a pertrol station.

"They looked totally in love," revealed one of the locals. "No one could believe it was really him - he was so laid back and ordinary. They seemed a great couple!"