Sir Cliff has notched up 14 number ones in his long career, more than Elvis Presley or The Beatles, and is hoping for one more with the release of a new single in September
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The singer pictured in 1960, in the early days of his highly successful career when he was seen as the British version of Elvis Presley
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Cliff Richard aims to make history with his 15th number one

9 AUGUST 2008
Fifty years after he scored his first hit, veteran pop star Sir Cliff Richard is hoping to break records by being top of the pops one more time.

To celebrate his golden milestone, the Peter Pan of pop is next month releasing a new song, Thank You For A Lifetime. If it reaches the number one spot, it will mean he has topped the charts six times in six consecutive decades.

"I may be greedy, but to notch up a number one after 50 years would be just fantastic," he said. "I've got the song, I can only hope for the support."

Sir Cliff first entered the charts in September 1958, at the age of 18, with his single Move It. It reached number two. He grabbed the top spot for the first time with his iconic Living Doll the following year.

In his 50 years of music-making, Sir Cliff has notched up 250 million record sales. He last made number one in 1999, with Millennium Prayer - his 14th time top of the charts.