The Canadian chanteuse was presented the award at a ceremony on the eve of a concert she was due to play as part of Quebec City's 400th anniversary celebrations
Photo: Reuters
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Smiles and tears as Celine receives honourary doctorate

22 AUGUST 2008
It was clearly an emotional moment for Celine Dion as she was presented with an honourary doctorate from a Canadian University this week. Amidst smiles, the singer blinked away tears at a ceremony in Quebec City, where she was due to play a free gig as part of the city's 400th anniversary celebrations.

She told the 800 people present that the award was "a very great honour for a little girl from Charlemagne", referring to the small suburb of Montreal where she was born the youngest of 14 brothers and sisters.

While Celine - who never finished high-school - urged students to complete higher education, she acknowledged "the school of life is also very important".