The jazz songstress performed aboard her own HMS Winehouse 'ship' in keeping with Bestival's nautical theme
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Charlie had come prepared for the weather at the music extravaganza on the Isle of Wight
Photo: Getty Images

Charlie Brooks braves festival mud to catch Amy and Grace Jones

EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks - who'd gone well-prepared in red wellies, tights and a waterproof - was among the 40,000-strong crowd watching the jazz diva.

The troubled singer defied expectations by giving a polished performance albeit one that started an hour late.

In recognition of Bestival's '30,000 freaks under the sea' theme, Amy performed behind a ship's wheel, emblazoned with the words HMS Winehouse, while her backing singers were dressed as sailors.

Another treat for the festival faithful was the surprise appearance of funk legend Grace Jones, who presented a medley of her hits in several fabulously eccentric outfits.

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