The queen of pop took to the stage for Wednesday's show in Boston as planned, despite the break-up
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Back in Britain her estranged husband Guy leaves the set of his new movie
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Madonna and Guy hard at work as divorce announced

16 OCTOBER 2008
Madonna is nothing if not professional. So as news of her divorce from director Guy Ritchie circulated around the globe the queen of pop did what she does best, putting on a high-energy show on the Boston leg of her 'Sweet And Sticky' tour.

The singer kept mum about her marital difficulties, with the only allusion to her and Guy's relationship coming when she sang Miles Away. The track, which focuses on the challenges of long-distance love, was inspired by the filmmaker she told a magazine recently.

Across the Atlantic her estranged husband was also hard at work on the set of his new film Sherlock. He spent the day filming interior shots inside Hatfield House with Robert Downey Jr.

While some UK publications were predicting the couple's split would be the costliest divorce in British legal history, 40-year-old Guy has reportedly said he doesn't want "a penny" of Madonna's estimated 260 million fortune.

More of an issue are future custody arrangements for their children. The couple are parents to two sons, eight-year-old Rocco and three-year-old David, the little boy they adopted from Malawi. Madonna's daughter Lourdes by American fitness trainer Carlos Leon has also grown up in Guy's household.

Whatever the discussion points, the American singer's spokeswoman has insisted the break-up would be handled cordially, without a resort to the courts.

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