The crowd went wild as the Material Girl and Womaniser singer Britney opened Madonna's LA show with a rendition of Human Nature
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Later Justin showed off his hallmark fancy footwork during a duet of his and Madonna's joint hit 4 Minutes
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Dream pop line-up as Madonna shares stage with Britney and Justin

It was a pop fan's dream come true - Madonna, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake performing in the same concert. The queen of pop united the three musical forces when she asked former sweethearts Justin and Britney to duet with her at the Dodger Stadium in LA as part of her world tour.

Though reports Britney and her ex boyfriend would perform together turned out to be unfounded, the audience still went wild when Britney appeared on stage. The Womanizer singer, demurely dressed in a white blouse and black satin trousers, grabbed the microphone to join Madonna in a rendition of Bedtime Stories.

Later Justin - who split with Britney in 2002 - burst onto the stage to gyrate his way through 4 Minutes - his joint hit with the Material Girl.

The chance to see the trio of megastar artists in action drew a horde of famous faces to the show. Stars among the audience included models Heidi Klum and Kate Moss as well as Heroes' Hayden Panetteire, Dirty Sexy Money actress Lucy Liu and Jennifer Lopez.

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