Her former husband is hoping the boys can see their mother on the road between concerts so she has a "positive environment around her", says Kevin's lawyer

Britney's ex Kevin Federline plans for sons to join her on tour

Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline are close to finalising arrangements so that their boys can join the singer on the road when her 'Circus' tour kicks off in New Orleans on March 3.

An agreement would be reached in "probably the next day", with the Womanizer star seeing her sons on "pretty much the same schedule that she has now", said Kevin's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Under their current setup, three-year-old Sean and Jayden, two, live with their father, while Britney has nearly 50-50 access to them through her visitation rights.

The lawyer confirmed the children will visit their mother between her gigs, though probably not at the concert venues.

He added that Kevin hoped his supportive attitude would create "a positive environment around her so that the tour is successful".

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