A bevy of dancers, not all of whom were ladies in the strictest sense of the word, entertained commuters when they delivered a synchronised performance to the diva's tune Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
Photo: Trident
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Their infectious routine to publicise Beyonce's gig in November had the crowd clapping and swaying to the music
Photo: Trident

Beyonce lookalikes stop London traffic with synchronised dance routine

21 APRIL 2009
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When an army of Beyonce lookalikes took over central London to perform the diva's Single Ladies routine, the derriere-shaking, hip-slapping results were nothing short of spectacular.

Traffic slowed to a crawl as the dancers, some of whom were guys in drag, converged seemingly out of nowhere and began shimmying in unison to the catchy pop tune.

Passersby at Picadilly Circus would normally be heads down and hell-bent on getting to work as quickly as possible. But the bevy of 100 lovelies, strutting their stuff in leotards and stilettos, stopped them in their tracks.

Soon even the most focused commuters were clicking their fingers and smiling to the sounds of the R&B anthem, which encourages women to walk if their man won't commit.

A combination of professionals and Beyonce devotees answered the bootylicious singer's audition call for the event which was to publicise her exclusive gig in the O2 arena on November 25.

Fans wanting to see their heroine in action can enter a draw to bag one of the 13,000 free tickets being offered for the concert.

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