Stepping out in a funky print dress and faux leather jacket, Susan was experimenting with her image this week. Our online vote shows that two thirds of readers think the charity worker's image is part of her charm and shouldn't be changed
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Poll reveals readers love Susan Boyle as she is

22 APRIL 2009
While she's confessed to wanting to smarten up her wardrobe a bit after seeing herself on TV, Susan Boyle has vowed never to have a Hollywood makeover. And in an online poll readers have revealed they're behind her all the way.

A resounding 66 per cent of readers voted that the West Lothian singing sensation's image was part of her charm and shouldn't be changed. Something which echoed the opinion of Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, who's forbidden Simon Cowell from meddling with the 48-year-old's style.

There were some who thought conservatively dressed Susan might benefit from the Tinseltown treatment, though. A third voted in favour of an image revamp for the singer, who's due to sing Whistle Down The Wind in the next stage of the TV talent search.

As readers were making their views known church volunteer Susan had already started experimenting with her image. This week she swapped the cardigan and trousers she wore for her appearance on US TV last week for a funky purple and blue print dress and a faux leather jacket from Primark. She's also been to the hairdressers to get her curly locks trimmed.

"I'll need to sort out my dress sense and my weight," said the Scottish singer after watching her audition. "It wasn't till I saw myself on TV that I realised how frumpy I was. I want to look nice and smart."

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