"The fact that that was news was astounding to me," revealed the Oscar nominee, referring to his on-air clash with a Canadian radio host who mentioned his acting credentials during an interview about Billy Bob's music making
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Billy Bob Thornton thrown by fallout from radio interview

23 APRIL 2009
Billy Bob Thornton's disgruntled on-air reaction to a Canadian radio host mentioning his acting credentials in a music interview a caught the attention of the media and fans around the globe. The actor revealed on US TV this week that he was surprised at the level of interest the story had generated.

"The fact that that was news was astounding to me," the Oscar nominee told American host Jimmy Kimmell. "I do that all the time."

Billy deliberately avoided presenter Jian Ghomeshi's questions during the interview earlier this month or gave him unrelated answers in response to what he saw as the host's failure to adher to his promise not to "discuss his film career".

It's a tack Billy Bob has used in the past. He told Jimmy about another interviewer who came under fire in Germany. "This woman said something she wasn't supposed to, so I told her I receive signals from Venus through a metal plate in my head."

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