In 1987 Sharon's rock chick wife transformation wasn't even on the horizon as she worked a comfy mum and homemaker look. Fast forward to 2006 and a whole new Sharon emerges; smart, sassy and immaculately styled, as befits a woman who now regularly rubs shoulders with some of the world's most famous names
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Before her appearance on Britain's Got Talent Susan favoured classic cuts and styles. Just a week after becoming a global sensation the Scottish singer was tweaking her image, however, with new clothes and the odd beauty treatment
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Could Susan Boyle be in for a Sharon-style transformation?

23 APRIL 2009
With her chiselled cheekbones, svelte physique, glowing complexion and uber-groomed finish, these days Sharon Osbourne exudes elegance and glamour.

The former X-Factor judge didn't always have the music scene style cred she now delivers so effortlessly, however. Way back before the Osbourne family's reality TV show helped make her a global icon, the wife of rocker Ozzy looked, dare we say it, a tad mumsy.

So her transformation into the glamorous epitome of Hollywood celebrity inevitably came to mind in a week packed with buzz about changes to the image of Britain's Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle.

Sharon shed an incredible seven stone, refined her makeup and hair and swapped flouncy skirts and shapeless tops for power suits and carefully-tailored gowns to achieve a whole new look.

Whether or not the 48-year-old singing sensation from West Lothian is tempted to take the same route remains to be seen. She has admitted to becoming more aware of her image and wanting to "sort out my dress sense and my weight" since seeing herself on TV, however.

There have been a few tentative steps taken already. This week Susan stepped out with newly-tweezered eyebrows, a reshaped hairstyle and a new outfit of funky print dress and faux leather jacket.

In many ways the talented Scottish songbird is a stylist's dream. It'll be interesting to see to what extent she explores the possiblities she'll now be offered...

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