Germ-wary Michael has postponed house-hunting in Britain for fear of catching the virus
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Oasis face more immediate problems, having been told by their management to remain in their Venezuala hotel room
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Swine flu keeps Michael out of UK and confines Oasis to hotel room

1 MAY 2009
Two of the biggest performers on the UK music scene this summer - Michael Jackson and Oasis - have changed their plans in response to the spread of the swine flu virus.

Although the Thriller star was originally reported to have rented Rod Stewart's place in Essex as a base for his 50-date O2 residency in July, where he will be staying is apparently still up in the air and he was due to to fly into Britain soon to start looking for somewhere to live. In light of the current health concerns the 50-year-old has decided to remain in LA.

Michael has a legendary fear of germs and has worn surgical masks for years. Now a source reveals the singer, who's been following news about the flu via the internet, is using "the best protective masks around" and has stepped up vigilance by using hand-sanitising gels.

"He still wants to come over to view the properties, but he's monitoring the situation and has postponed travel for the time being," the source added. "Of course if the situation improves and it looks to have died down he will travel over."

British rockers Oasis have more immediate flu-related problems. Currently touring Venezuela, Gallagher siblings Noel and Liam have holed up in their hotel, along with their bandmates, to try and avoid the threat.

The band got to perform only in the capital of Caracas before their management ordered them to stay inside. Lead guitarist Noel has found every cloud has a silver lining.

"Noel thinks the surgical masks look amazing," a source has said. "He's been joking that he feels like a James Bond baddie. He's keeping his for the summer gigs back in the UK."

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