The Britain's Got Talent sensation invited Oprah's TV crew into her West Lothian home and talked to the US chat show queen about her upbringing. Her Scottish accent was apparently deemed too challenging for US viewers, though, and subtitles were added to the pre-recorded segment
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Although she's been tweaking her image recently, Susan presented the same fresh faced look to US fans that she was showing when she returned home shortly before making her high profile TV appearance
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The church volunteer spoke to Simon Cowell and Oprah via satellite link-up. When the chat show queen asked if she's lonely Susan replied: "Oh no, I am not... I've got millions of friends now"
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Susan Boyle's Oprah chat baffles Americans who add subtitles

12 MAY 2009
Over 20 million viewers tuned in to watch one of the biggest moments in Susan Boyle's meteoric rise to stardom when she was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. It took subtitles to help the American audience understand what the Scotland native was saying, however.

As the church volunteer with the extraordinary voice showed American viewers around the West Lothian council house she shares with her cat Pebbles, a rolling script 'translated' her strong Scottish accent. "Welcome to my home. I have been born and raised here for the past 48 years," she explained in the initial, pre-recorded clip. "I was the youngest of nine, so it used to be quite hectic. My mother used to sing to us a lot, especially when she was working, so it's a sort of habit I picked up from her."

Susan went on to describe how singing helped boost her confidence at school and had also helped her get over the death of her mother two years ago. "After that there was a wee period where I didn't sing," she revealed. "You try and keep going through the pain. And that's what I try and do with the singing."

Susan then chatted to Oprah and Simon Cowell via a live satellite link up, with Oprah asking Susan whether she's lonely. "On no, I am not lonely," replied the 48-year-old. "Everyone has been so nice. I've got millions of friends now." The Scottish singer said she's enjoying every minute of her new-found celebrity. "It's like a dream come true," she admitted.

She also played down the changes she's made to her appearance, telling Oprah: "I've just tidied up, like any woman would."

Simon took the opportunity to reassure the Britain's Got Talent contestant she doesn't need a Hollywood-style makeover. "It's all about you and your singing voice now. Whatever you feel comfortable with, you do."

He also spoke about his shock at hearing Susan's voice for the first time, when she sang I Dreamed A Dream from musical Les Miserables in her audition.

"This lady came up and I'm thinking, 'This will take five seconds and I can go and have a cup of tea'," he revealed. "She knew she had something and I think she knew we were going to get that reaction. Just to see that look of satisfaction on her face mid-way through, which is, 'I'm winning now'. It was one of my favourite moments."

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