After starring in the music vid for Frankmusik's new single - and sharing a passionate on-screen kiss with the British musician - Holly has started dating Vincent
Photo: FrankMusik at MySpace
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The on-screen chemistry between the couple spilled over into real life after the 23-year-old electro-pop talent invited the Aussie singer-turned-actress to watch him DJ in London
Photo: FrankMusik at MySpace

Romance blossoms between Holly and Frankmusik after video kiss

20 MAY 2009
Life has imitated art for Aussie starlet Holly Valance. After making a special celebrity appearance as the love interest in a Frankmusik music video, the 26-year-old singer-turned-actress has hooked up with the British electro-pop musician in real life.

Holly delighted the former beatboxer real name Vincent Frank when she agreed to star with him in the video for Confusion Girl after a he'd made a personal request that she do so. And after getting close for the cameras, the pair hit it off so well they've embarked on a relationship in real life.

"They met for the first time on the shoot and shared an on-screen kiss," says a source. "He chanced his arm by inviting her to watch him DJ in London and the romance blossomed from there."

Writing about his delight at securing the talents of the Kiss Kiss singer for the video, 23-year-old Vincent enthused on his MySpace page: "Pop goddess Holly Valance is set to re-enter the musical arena by guest-sarring in the Confusion Girl video."

For her part Holly, who shared the screen with Liam Neeson in last year's Taken, was equally complimentary, writing on her profile: "If you don't already know FrankMusic go check out his MySpace page asap because we're making sweet sweet Musik tomorrow... Mmmm I smell a hit, children".

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