Festival season is almost upon us, and when you're preparing for a big event there's a few things worth considering in addition to which bands you want to see…
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When choosing your festival outfit, flat shoes and a hat are must haves - many pack wellies, too. Lazy Oaf's funky oversized t-shirts, £24, are great to keep cool during the day, but make sure you bring a coat to keep you warm when the sun goes down

Even if the weather forecast is good, you might want to invest in a fold up umbrella to put in your handbag, like this funky leopard-print number from Evans, £6

Another essential part of any festival kit are wet wipes. Johnson's 3 in 1 facial wipes are designed to cleanse, tone and remove makeup, meaning you don't have to take loads of separate products with you

Our festival survival guide: Hot tips for happy camping music lovers

21 MAY 2009
Sunshine, music and lazy days on the grass with your friends – festivals are one of the best things about summer. But as well as the pressing questions about which bands you should see, there are numerous other factors to consider. Our top tips will help you become a festival queen.

Think fashion, but also be sensible
Festivals are the perfect excuse to show off the latest additions to your summer wardrobe, but make sure you dress appropriately. Flat shoes are a must – stilettos and grass do not go – and the one item in every clued-up girl's festival get-up has to be a hat. Not only do they look funky, but they'll protect you from sunstroke - and the rain! Loose t shirts – like Lazy Oaf's funky offerings - are great to keep you cool during the day – but remember to bring a light jacket to keep you warm when the sun goes down.

Be prepared for all weather eventualities
Don't trust the weather forecast. It could as easily be sweltering sunshine or chuck it down with rain. Take plenty of sunscreen and invest in a fold-up umbrella. Evans do a cool leopard-print one which is bound to make you the most popular member of your group if there's a sudden shower.

Stock up on tissues and wet wipes
With thousands of people using the facilities you can't count on there being tissues and soap in the loos – so take your own. Especially if you're going to a weekend event like Glastonbury – June 26-29. Johnson's 3 in 1 cleansing wipes are designed to cleanse, tone, and remove make-up. A good option if you need to freshen up after a hard day's rock'n'rolling.

Drink plenty of water
Even if you're only attending a single day of a weekend event like Reading, which runs over the August bank holiday weekend, make sure you drink plenty of water. Ideally you should be slurping down at least 1.5 litres a day – more if you're dancing about in a hot tent. If you're camping, take litre bottles with you – many festival sites have somewhere you can refill them.

Leave your valuables at home
It might seem like a great idea to bring your brand new Chanel sunglasses, but imagine how you'd feel if you lost them. Don't take anything with you which is especially valuable. Things go missing – whether from theft or just carelessness. It's a good idea to divide your money, so that if you lose your purse you'll still have enough money stored somewhere else to see you through.

Be a happy camper
If you are staying on site, remember to check all your equipment thoroughly before you go and take extra tent pegs. You can never have too many. It's also an idea to take a distinctive flag/pole along to identify where you and your mates are camped. Don't put a barrier around your area – it's really annoying and makes it difficult for people to negotiate the campsite. Finally, when choosing where to set up camp, remember that water runs downhill, so you don't want to be in an area that could be flooded if it rains.

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