Madonna's wonderful but we're just friends insists hunky Jesus

madonna Speaking for the first time about his relationship with Madonna, Brazilian model Jesus Luz has praised the singer as "a wonderful person, full of positive energy, with no visible faults".

Despite their continued appearances together the hunk brushed off suggestions they are romantically involved, however. "She is a person I admire a lot, a friend in my life who I remain in contact with. But apart from that I cannot say more," he told a TV show in his native country.

Pressed on the matter 22-year-old Jesus insisted: "She’s my friend, only a friend."

His friendship with the Material Girl began when she chose him to star alongside her in a steamy photo shoot for W magazine. Before that he was an unknown talent modelling on the catwalk for $170 a show.

Since then they've been seen attending Kabbalah services together with Madonna's children, and his father recently gave an interview in which he spoke of his son's rapport with the singer's daughter Lourdes and her brothers.

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