'Thriller' singer's family rally round to protect his beloved children

hellomagazine.com The Jacksons are in "lockdown mode" to shield Michael Jackson's children from the fallout following their father's death, a family spokesman said.

Lawyer Brian Oxman said: "I spoke to (Michael's brother) Jermaine just now and the children have spent the day at their grandmother (Katherine's) home, playing.

"The one thing Michael wanted was to give his children a childhood he didn't have, full of laughter and games."

He continued: "They are incredibly smart, well-educated children. His eldest son is helping the others as best he can. The family have gone into lockdown mode to protect them."

The 50-year-old singer was apparently working on a new song inspired by his kids – Prince Michael, 12, Paris Katherine, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II – whom he referred to, along with himself as: 'the Jackson Four'.

Had it been performed River Ripple, comparing his love for them to a force of nature, would have provided an emotional high point in his London concerts. 

With questions remaining over the long-term care arrangements for the youngsters, sources close to the family were apparently claiming that the children had expressed a wish to stay with their grandparents.

The mother of the elder two children - Debbie Rowe - has reportedly said she will not be seeking custody, but will be satisfied with more access to them than she has had in recent years.

Whatever happens, the trio's financial future is looking more secure after their father's songs have generated millions of pounds in record sales, downloads and radio royalties in the days following his death.

Five of his albums entered the top 20 UK chart, with 43 of the top 200 singles featuring the singer. Industry experts now predict his posthumous sales will dwarf those of Elvis Presley and John Lennon.

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