Kylie Minogue returns to ex Olivier's hometown with new love Andres

A dark, handsome man leans over to place a tender hand on Kylie Minogue 's arm during an intimate encounter in Paris. The lovers are seemingly lost in their own world, chatting intently as they explore all the City of Light has to offer.

It's a touching scene we've witnessed plenty of times before, with one vital difference. This time her attentive companion is new boyfriend Andres Velencoso, rather than Olivier Martinez, the French actor, with whom she once lived in the Gallic capital.

After their relationship ended in 2007, the Aussie pop princess often returned for flirtatious lunches with the S.W.A.T star and walked his dog, Sheba - giving rise to speculation they were on the brink of reuniting.

Yet this week it was clear that her heart now belongs firmly to Spanish model Andres and the feeling seems to be entirely mutual. The 6ft 2in Barcelona native has wasted no time in introducing her to his family.

On her 41st he planned what Kylie described as a "divine" birthday trip to Rome that cleverly combined an excursion to see his beloved Barça team play football with romantic dinner dates for his lady.

After enjoying the dolce vita with the 30-year-old Kylie couldn't stop giggling, telling all and sundry that she'd "got really spoilt, a girl should get spoilt. I'm really very happy at the moment".